The 5 Most Popular PC Games of All Time

The video PC game industry has grown over time, with each year receiving new blockbuster hits. However, when you look at the best-selling games of all the time, then you’re looking into a blend of classics and today’s generation staples. A good number has stood the tides of the industry, while others seem to be just products of their era.

Super Mario Bros

However, all these have achieved tens if not thousands of millions in sales, and are not likely to be unseated in the next few decades.

1. Tetris- (495 million)
Does Tetris need any explanation? This is perhaps the most classic video game ever. It has been developed for most gaming devices in history, ranging from the Commodore 64 to Android devices and iOS today. This PC game is almost immortal. While its 495 million copies are not just 60-dollar box copies, the video game essentially seems that nothing will ever match its grand total.

2. The Minecraft with over 106.86 million copy sales
What would happen if you develop a famous indie game virtually available for any device in the world? It would surely sell in hundreds of millions. Minecraft founder, Markus “Notch” Persson became a first time billionaire, thanks to Minecraft’s matchless success on PC, which thereafter turned into huge success on mobile devices, consoles and almost anything else with a screen. This game is still popular among the younger generation, particularly those who have grown with it as a gaming staple. Interestingly, Minecraft is likely not to go anywhere now that is has been purchased by Microsoft.

3. Wii Sports
This is the Nintendo game that has unsold a number of renowned giants such as Metroid Donkey Kong, Mario, Zelda, and all the rest. This is an assembly of sports mini-games employing Wii’s motion to control the system. You’re right suspecting that the reason Wii Sports ranks high on this list because it was embedded with almost any Wii system developed. More than 100 million Wii copies were sold out by its life-cycle’s end, which is a huge sale for its flagship game. It is however unknown if there will ever be another Nintendo property that will eclipse this grand total, but as of now, nothing else is close to this.

4. The Grand Theft Auto (65Million)
This is the most traditional video game on this list. It’s a AAA blockbuster with most copies having been sold out for $60. The grand Theft Auto is among the impressive gaming stories in history, racking up more than 65 million sales, which eclipses the mighty Pokemon, the Call of duty, the Assassin’s Creed, and virtually any other video game you can think about. This series has been considered a lightning rod of controversy in history, but it serves to popularize every new installment. GTA 5 is currently a money printing machine stemming from the GTA online micro transactions, figures which are separate from the mammoth sales of the base video game.

5. Super Mario Bros (more than 40 million)
This isn’t a series as a whole, but rather Super Mario Bros, which is the first game in Nintendo’s series developed for the NES. A true classic with sales to match, and yet not the top ranking Nintendo video game on this list. It was conventionally bundled with several NES systems, which explains why it ranks so high.

When PC games entered living rooms back in the 70s and 80s, the world never remained the same. Over the decades, many PC video games have been developed and turned out as the pop culture phenomenon that connects players from all over the world.

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